I give you, courtesy of Conservative Home, a website offering therapy for frustrated Tories, this unattractive vignette: "Mr Hilton was also accused of being unprofessional: turning up at the meeting in shorts and a T-shirt, clutching a plastic bag full of oranges. As the meeting went on, Mr Hilton is said to have started 'inexpertly' peeling an orange, getting juice all over the crotch of his brushed cotton shorts.
The endless eurozone crisis provokes a despairing weariness. The G8 has come and gone in Camp David, bringing, so it seems, a solution no nearer. Yet another EU summit will gather later this week. No-one is holding their breath that something fresh and decisive will emerge to halt the ever-mestasising threat of sovereign default. Yet, something has recently changed. To weariness, now add raw alarm. Over the years, European politicians have repeatedly cried wolf, invoking deadlines for a final solution to the euro-crisis that they have then declined to honour. Now, the new deadline is the Greek general election on 17 June. David Cameron has even labelled it a referendum on membership of the eurozone.
The US President has told European leaders that his country will step in to help the crisis in Europe just as soon as it
As soon as the picture above appeared of the G8 leaders watching the Champions League penalty shootout, it was only a matter
David Cameron has issued an ultimatum to the Greek people that fresh elections must decide once and for all whether the country
Chelsea fans lined the streets of west London on Sunday as the team celebrated the club's historic Champions League and FA
Tens of thousands of Chelsea fans will line the streets of west London today to celebrate the club's historic Champions League
World leaders have piled on the pressure on the eurozone nations to resolve their problems amid fears the debt crisis in
David Cameron is to hold his first face-to-face talks with Francois Hollande as they join world leaders in the US for a G8
Each day millions of children wake up with an empty belly and a head aching with hunger. Many will eat just one unappetising meal whilst some will have nothing at all.