This is the Great Silent Tsunami that keeps happening year after year with some years, like this one, worse than others. But who's listening? Did you know that a severely malnourished child does not cry but instead dies in silence?
Just two years ago, our country had one of the worst maternal and infant death rates in the world. We knew something had to be done.
North Korea’s military has threatened to reduce South Korea’s government "to ashes" amid escalating tensions between the
The much-vaunted launch of the North Korea's latest rocket has ended in failure, causing considerable international embarrassment
Slactivism is someone who jumps from cause to cause - each cause being, to the slactivist, as worthy as the next. The term could, at its least dangerous, be given to those who loosely link causes together and change focus regularly.
The world has a new global steering committee, the G20 group of developed and 'emerging' economies, which has committed itself publicly to supporting economic growth that reaches the poorest people, and doesn't destroy the environment in the process. At least, that's the talk, but according to a new survey by Oxfam, the walk isn't happening. That matters because the G20 countries are home to half the world's poor people, and account for a much greater chunk of its ecological footprint. Climate change is just the best-known consequence of such failings. Rising inequality also undermines political stability - ask the Occupy movement.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- US Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner has said that credit rating agency Standard & Poor's showed "terrible