A newsreader on Libyan state TV has said she and her colleagues are prepared to "become martyrs" as rebels advance towards
A former trusted deputy of Colonel Mummar Gaddafi is reported to have left Tripoli and joined the rebels in another blow
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Libyan rebels battling Muammar Gaddafi's troops along the country's Mediterranean coast said they have
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The United Nations' special envoy for Libya is meeting representatives of both sides of the conflict
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's diplomats in London tried to sell off embassy assets including cars
An Islamist militia allied to Libya's rebel opposition is behind the death of their military commander Abdel Fattah Younes
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The death of a rebel military commander proves that Britain has made a mistake by recognising the National
The Libyan rebels' chief of army staff, Abdel Fatah Younis, has been killed in an assassination by pro-Gaddafi agents, according
The Libyan rebel military leader Abdel Fattah Younes has been killed, Sky News is reporting.
Reaction has been mixed to Foreign Secretary William Hague's decision to expel all remaining Libyan diplomats from the UK