Britain has reiterated calls for Saif al Islam Gaddafi to be given a fair trial as prosecutors from The Hague prepared to
Colonel Gaddafi's fugitive spy chief Abdullah al-Sanussi has been captured, Libya's interim government says.
Last month Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution that was mildly critical of the Syrian regime's violent suppression
As the globe reels from the uprisings around the world, and the rulers of each country affected are accused of corruption
The person responsible for the death of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi will be prosecuted, Libya's interim government
Revolutions are complicated things. Whether Libyan, Russian, French or the altogether different phenomenon of the industrial
The first three versions of regime change during the Arab Spring -- unhindered escape of the Tunisian President, imprisonment and criminal proceedings in Egypt and mob law in Libya -- have created a momentum that will be hard to stall.
On the day that justice finally caught up with Muammar Gaddafi, former American Presidential candidate John McCain appeared on Newsnight and remarked that dictators all over the world - including those in Russia - should be nervous. "This is the Spring" he said, "not just the Arab Spring."
Bad taste Colonel Gaddafi jokes sprung up across the Internet even as unconfirmed reports of capture first filtered through
To me, if pictures of a tortured dead dictator should be anywhere it should be on social media, where we congregate and talk about it. How else can we tell our side of the story?