game show fails

A woman is gaining worldwide notoriety after cocking up an incredibly easy game show question. Australian 'Who Want To Be
And we thought this 'Wheel Of Fortune' clip from April was unfortunate. Yes, even we knew the answer to this one. And we've
Meanwhile, in Sweden (and back in the '80s, it would seem), the host of a game show finds himself in a bit of an argument
Meanwhile, on 'Wheel Of Fortune', things are about to go brilliantly, stupendously wrong... Oh. Dear. (Via The Daily What
From 'Family Fortunes' to 'Wheel Of Fortune', TV game shows really do shed a light on humans... in all our flawed glory. So
We're not sure if there's much to say about this clip that's surfaced from a 1980s' New Zealand game show, except... Oh dear
They say you should never work with children or animals. But in the case of game shows, it might be wise to substitute 'children