game show

Creating a gameshow environment makes for addictive viewing, but for the participants, whose love lives are public entertainment for two months, it’s less ideal, entertainment reporter Rachel McGrath writes.
In a string of game shows in the Noughties, I was offered no support after big losses – or big wins. Instead I was meant to be grateful for the opportunity and to do as I was told.
You don’t need a survey to say that the upcoming episode will be widely watched.
“I love how she goes from classy, to OFGLARBDKVNES, then to classy again ... “
In the long run meningitis and what I thought were my dreams disappearing was exactly what needed to happen for me to find out what I wanted to do. I'm not saying I'd recommend a debilitating virus and bad health...but it worked for me.
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Bob Holness has died aged 83, the veteran broadcaster who will be most fondly remembered for hosting teatime gameshow Blockbusters