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Making our work accessible and relevant to todays brain is our insurance policy for having audiences to play with forever. We're in changing times. So change. Or at the very least, examine rigorously.
'Family Fortunes' was once one of the UK's favourite game shows, and it wasn't without its quirky moments, but we're willing
Not only is this chap a very snappy dresser, he's also very good at game shows. When his opponent Andrew seemed far out of
'The Price Is Right' may been one of America's oldest game shows - and it may be long dead in the UK - but there's clearly
From 'Family Fortunes' to 'Wheel Of Fortune', TV game shows really do shed a light on humans... in all our flawed glory. So
The X Factor's ratings plunge is continuing with a new low for this series - and almost three million down on this stage
The harsh reality isX Factor won't be around forever. Reviews still need to be given, new talent needs to be found and the future of ordinary people being given the opportunity to be discovered needs to continue. So, The Voice UK, for a few months, I am all yours.
It was hard to get excited as the pig farmer became Red or Black's latest millionaire on Thursday night. He's the third millionaire