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As a father I find the debacle worrying. But as a businessman I find it plain stupid. Morality aside, sexism, in any form, is poison for profits. To put it bluntly, sexism alienates at least 50% of potential customers not to mention talented developers able to connect authentically with female audiences and thereby grow additional revenue streams.
Piers Morgan blocked me. It was an odd move because I hadn't been following him. Odder still is that the only way I could have known that he had blocked me was that he posted a tweet to say he had blocked me, which I couldn't read because he had blocked me.
A Sikh journalist is considering legal action after he was wrongly identified as a terrorist in the aftermath of the Paris
So, looking at the headlines, female representation in gaming - tick; standing up for realistic female body image - tick; orchestrated by a real life, responsible charity looking to promote a healthy message to impressionable girls (and boys) - tick. All the good stuff.
Step forward EA Sports. On the release of Fifa 16 - which will be the 23rd version of the game to feature in the series, excluding any of the 'street' and World Cup editions - there will be an option for players to take control of women's teams. The most baffling aspect of the announcement was that it was done at a time when the Fifa organisation, entirely separate from the game series, is coming under fire over allegations of corruption by some of the most senior officials.
It's been a year of blood and bullets, heroics and heartbreaks. Not all of their wins or misdeeds are comparable*, but all
The content of video games can affect how we think, especially the young people that grow up with them. Video games have the potential to be an incredibly positive influence, the Mario and Zelda franchises can get people playing in groups, the Mass Effect series has great representation and series like Total War and Age of Empires can spark interests in history.
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The importance of GamerGate -- a cultural firestorm and ostensible video games consumer revolt fixated on feminism, journalistic
To be honest the whole thing just makes me sad, it makes me sad that we live in a world where anyone thinks it's acceptable to threaten the rape of someone they don't like. It makes me sad that anyone still thinks that a hobby where 48% of the participants are female and whose spiritual home is Japan is purely the domain of white men.
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A talk by a feminist video games critic at a US university was cancelled after a threat to carry out "the deadliest school