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A new Total War game based on the Warhammer fantasy universe has been (accidentally) announced. 'Total War: Warhammer' (why
'Blood Bowl' is out now for iOS and Android. (£2.99 with additional teams £1.99) Key Features: Turn-based faithful recreation
Whether you left behind miniatures and polystyrene scenery in the early years of your teens, or still troop down to Games
I have always been a geek, refusing to enjoy football, as that was the game of my childhood bullies and no matter how hard I try, I will always associate the sport with assholes. My secret however; is both a sport for the mind and a hobby for the soul! It is creative, strategic and rather ironically a lot like football. What game am I referring to? Warhammer 40 K.
As anyone with a past or present passion for collecting Warhammer figures knows, assembling and painting all those little
Amazon has reinstated a novel it removed from sale after a trademark claim by the board game maker Games Workshop. Last week
Games Workshop has been furiously criticised online after apparently seeking a trademark claim on the term 'space marine
File-sharing website The Pirate Bay is for the first time hosting downloadable plans of 3D objects, which can be automatically