Gang Violence

Simeon Moore was once a member of one of Birmingham’s most notorious gangs, the Johnson Crew. But after spells in prison and learning about his history and black history, Simeon vowed to change his environment through his music, launching a YouTube channel that looks to open communication within the community he lives in and changing perceptions, showing that there is another way than the gang culture glamorised in rap music.
Knife crime, we can all agree, needs to be treated seriously. But doing so requires a rigorous evidence base, accurately and faithfully represented
'People are getting shot for just being in there wrong area at the wrong time.'
The presidency has not received a request for the deployment of troops to Gauteng and the Western Cape.
But can the minister ask the SANDF directly to deploy its soldiers?
Medellín's transformation isn't the standard story of better policing and security, working to isolate dangerous individuals. At its core, it represents a fundamental partnership between local authorities and the communities they serve and represent.
A school in the US has apologised after it singled out black students to attend an assembly on the dangers of joining a gang
The Mexican authorities and the United States drug enforcement agencies are struggling to even remotely control the trafficking of drugs across Mexico's borders. Like a multinational company it is driven by the market. For now the demand is high. So the supply keeps coming...
Gang violence disproportionately affects underprivileged young black men and is not a suitable subject for spoof.