Gap Year Advice

This is probably one of the most important things I discovered about myself while travelling. I was never one to spend hundreds of pounds on clothes, but I'm definitely guilty of frittering money away on silly things...
I never entertained the thought of a gap year. I thought such a year was meant for traveling and I've never been enamored by the idea. Schools don't really talk to you seriously about taking a year out; it's sort of a "you're on your own" policy, which is a scary concept even when your gap year is premeditated.
As universities have had their Freshers in the last few weeks, all media seems to be focused on those going away; things they ought to know, recipes they should have and so on. However, there doesn't seem to be anything for those left behind...
By this point holidays are sounding a little stressful, and sipping a cocktail on a paradise beach loses its allure. Why risk such a huge amount of money? How do you know if you're fully covered?
I recently wrote about my decision to take a gap year. As I detailed, the reasons were varied but all concluded that this was the best choice for me. However, the question of why was much easier to answer than that of what - what should I do?
A kit list for your trip is obviously going to dependent on where you're travelling and for how long for, there are however a few key items that can prove vitally important for the majority of travellers!
The gap year has developed a bit of a stigma as a middle-class cliché. But can the non-wealthy enjoy this rite of passage