As a nation, we still have a long way to go before we are able to say that every school child in the UK has access to a balcony, their own garden, a community garden or park, where they can learn about gardening, where their food comes from and just having fun with beautiful plants. But I can't help thinking that the enthusiasm I see on the faces of those children that come to our four gardens and Shows can only mean that we're doing the right thing.
What outdoor living look do you go for? From boutique hotel to chic country cottage, there are lots of great ways to inject the latest trends and comforts into your outside space. With furniture forming the social axis of our gardens, we explore the materials available and take our style leads from what's popular this year.
I have taken inspiration from Ecover's pioneering spirit as a champion of sustainability. I wanted to design a garden that was about solutions to these problems and how the products and materials we buy and use can provide a way to make a sustainable lifestyle an easy option.
Brits favour a different kind of button pushing over the bank holiday weekend, according to new research which suggests people
Someone once said that the British lack passion. And someone replied to him: "look at their gardens. That is where they show their passion." Few countries display such vibrancy , dedication and eagerness to horticulture. Chelsea Flower Show is the finest example.
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If you spend any amount of time on public transport, particularly in our anti-social, paranoid, abrasive capital city, you'll notice that the vast majority of people neither talk nor look at each other and instead opt to waste away their existences in the soul-destroying cesspool of social media, angry birds, BBC iPlayer and other such pointlessly depressing activities found on smart phones.
How else might we purge, or prune, for the oncoming Spring? Clutter is common after the excesses of the festive period - so
The 'killer slugs' are actually called Arion vulgaris, or the Spanish Slug, and have devastated crops in regions of Scandinavia. The Spanish Slug has earned the nickname of 'killer slug' as its eating habits include members of its ow
Amongst keen gardeners there is some debate about whether or not to 'tidy up' perennials in Autumn. This really is to stop your garden having lots of brown dead-looking plants in your garden for a few months until they shoot up again.