Gareth Williams Death

An MI6 spy who was found naked inside a locked holdall may have crawled inside the bag himself, a source close to the investigation
A pathologist who worked on the death of Gareth Williams has suggested the spy could have locked himself in the bag after
Members of the secret services are expected to come under scrutiny as detectives redouble their efforts to solve the mystery
A senior detective will tell an inquest today why her 21-month inquiry into the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams has drawn
Spy Gareth Williams was unhappy in London and complained of "friction" at MI6 before he was found dead in a sports holdall
Four intelligence agents were given "public interest" anonymity as the inquest into the "highly controversial" death of an
Secret agents specialising in the "dark arts" might have tried to cover up the mysterious death of an MI6 spy found in a