Gareth Williams

How did a high tech startup, headquartered in Scotland's historic capital, become the global travel gateway it is today? And how does it maintain that startup culture, seemingly so crucial to its success, now that it is much more than a dream etched on a beer mat?
MI6 spy Gareth Williams probably died alone in a holdall bag, police have concluded, but said there are "evidential contradictions
An MI6 spy who was found naked inside a locked holdall may have crawled inside the bag himself, a source close to the investigation
Police investigating the death of a spy whose body was found in a holdall are in direct contact with the head of MI6, a senior
A pathologist who worked on the death of Gareth Williams has suggested the spy could have locked himself in the bag after
Britain's top police officer has warned MI6 they are not above the law as he revealed proposals for mass DNA screenings in
A number of parties came under fire as the coroner overseeing the inquest into the death of spy Gareth Williams delivered
The death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams was "most suspicious" and it is "highly likely a third party was involved" in his demise
The Gareth Williams inquest provided a rare insight into the highly secretive world of Britain's national security agencies
Gareth Williams crammed his life with secrets - in and out of work. The 31-year-old excelled as a spy, producing "world-class