Gareth Williams

The coroner overseeing the inquest into the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams has said that it is "unlikely" that his mysterious
The coroner investigating the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams is to rule out unlawful killing as the cause of his death
A coroner investigating the holdall death mystery of MI6 spy Gareth Williams will deliver her verdict today. Dr Fiona Wilcox
MI6 was accused today of failing to disclose evidence during the 21-month police inquiry into the death riddle of spy Gareth
MI6 failed to hand over a lot of Gareth Williams's belongings during Scotland Yard's painstaking investigation into the spy's
MI6 spy Gareth Williams would have suffocated within three minutes after getting inside his sports holdall, an inquest heard
Poisoning and asphyxiation are the "foremost contenders" in the sports bag death riddle of MI6 spy Gareth Williams, an inquest
MI6 spy Gareth Williams was either dead or unconscious when he was placed in the sports holdall in which he was found dead
MI6 agent Gareth Williams was vulnerable to blackmail, having carried out unauthorised searches on spy computers, an inquest
Since Gareth Williams's death, questions have inevitably been asked about whether the secret services could have played any