All of us have a visceral, emotional reaction to the use of chemical weapons. It repulses us... Yet there's a question that must be asked: why are we more offended by the killing of civilians with chemical weapons than we are by the slaughter of far greater numbers of civilians with conventional weapons?
David Cameron's claim that parts of the country that allowed fracking would immediately see £1m ploughed into the local economy
Fourteen protesters were arrested as a blockade at a rural site earmarked for exploratory drilling by a fracking company
There has been grave concern in the US about the chemicals used in fracking, which don't have to be declared there. We can only hope for more transparency on the issue of water contamination from fracking in the UK.
It sometimes seems that Iraqi Kurds have no word with the urgency of manana but it hasn't stopped Iraqi Kurdistan making tremendous strides in a few short years. The best start date for their renaissance is 2006, the first full year of the new Iraqi constitution, agreed by the people and which recognised Kurdistan as a largely autonomous region.
As Nelson Mandela lies ailing in a Pretoria hospital, hundreds of miles away in a courtroom in Kirov, Russia, history may have repeated itself. With the conviction of Alexei Navalny under arguably dubious circumstances, Vladimir Putin has cast aside the strongest threat to his presidency. Yet, he may have also unwittingly strengthened the opposition's hand.
Because of the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, which typically produce too much power or too little versus customer demand at a particular moment, they are a variable and therefore often unsatisfactory source of energy for the electricity grid.
It is clear that the short statement by Erdoğan was intended to make the Turkish position clear before heading to the US. Turkey has insisted and made it clear on numerous occasions that dealing with Kurdistan region and entering into oil deals are a matter of Turkish national interest.
A few days ago, something happened whilst I was cooking, something that inspired me to write this blog post. I was messing
For a company so egregiously engaged in deception on a mammoth scale, SSE have got off almost scot-free in financial terms, and they and their peers know it. Ofgem levied a penalty equivalent to just 0.5% of SSE's annual revenues, demonstrating again quite how toothless and ineffectual the regulator remains.