The United Nations' Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) is urging the Peruvian government to 'suspend immediately' plans to expand the country's biggest gas project.
The great achievement of post-Saddam Iraq is its transition from a centralised and mainly Sunni dominated one-party rule to federalism and power-sharing between Sunnis, Kurds and Shia, and small minorities. All this is, or should be, governed by the constitution, approved by over 80% of the people in a referendum in 2005.
If you believe the official hype, the FSA's apathetic conduct while the Libor scandal developed was entirely proper, despite being told explicitly by market participants that manipulation was afoot.
Renewable technologies represent one of the few ready and easily deployable solutions to the energy challenges we face. But as those challenges increase in years to come, what would happen if we didn't turn to that technology to meet them? What would the wider impacts be if we failed to replace the finite fossil energy sources which sustain our very way of life?
If you're struggling to find work at the moment and have any sort of engineering background, it might pay to retrain as an
The energy watchdog Ofgem has admitted there is little that can be done to prevent another round of price rises, as closing
Now is not a good time to run a price reporting agency. Following allegations of market manipulation in November, a seismic event last week saw a triumvirate of broking firms seek to wrest control of the setting of gas prices, with the launch of their own benchmark, dubbed the Tankard Index.
Next year's 10th anniversary of the Iraq war may focus on the feebleness so far of federalism and the country possibly breaking
Four Peruvian indigenous organizations have pledged to sue the government and Argentinian company Pluspetrol over plans to expand gas operations in the Camisea region in the remote Amazon.
Shale gas extractions offers tantalising prospects but any rush to get there without taking the necessary precautions could lead us to repent at leisure.