Wind farms are good for our economy, good for our energy bills and good for our climate - now there's a real vote winner.
By Wim Thomas If we are serious about meeting our long-term energy needs in a sustainable way, then we need to get serious
Underwriting would make a complete nonsense of any notion of nuclear power being competitive with renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power which certainly are not in receipt of underwriting commitments.
The current debate on the future role of gas is much more than just that. It may signal the beginning of the end of the current UK policy strategy on energy and climate change.
Lower gas prices could speed up the EU's economic recovery and facilitate the growth of European gas demand. This will also benefit Russian gas producers. Hence, political manoeuvrings in the Kremlin's corridors of power could determine whether Russia will choose gas volumes over prices.
Using more gas is not only consistent with our green objectives, it reinforces them.
British businesses are missing out on falling electricity rates because energy suppliers are rolling over their contracts
In some basic outline, the paper gives the readers an idea where Kurdistan Region foreign policy is at and where it is heading
A generation ago the plight of the Kurds was dire in all four countries where they mainly live - Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria following the failure to allow them an independent state in the aftermath of the end of the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It is, as I have often been told, a tough neighbourhood.
Ever since 'Black Hawk Down', Somalia is not known as a country bearing good news. For over 20 years, the country has lacked a stable central government and been wracked by civil war.