gastric bypass

Weirdly, a study shows that it may help your love life if you're single, but could harm it if you're not!
On the 28 November 2015, I underwent weight loss surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy or a gastric sleeve. I wrote about why I needed this operation in my previous blogs, "My Gastric Sleeve and Me" and My Gastric Sleeve and PCOS.
On the 28th of November this year, I underwent a sleeve gastrectomy, a type of bariatric surgery where 85% of my stomach was removed, leaving what is known as a gastric sleeve.
A woman shed more than eight stone in an effort to look more like her sisters and found it gave her a massive boost of self
Nearly 7 years ago now, I had a gastric bypass. I weighed around 24 stone and was a size 32. I was aged 27 at the time and more than anything, I desperately wanted to be thin. I had suffered from eating disorders. I had been on an endless cycle of diets, gruelling exercise regimes and diet pills, but nothing had made the impact I wanted it to.
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