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Rachel and a long-standing gay male friend had joked for years about becoming parents together. Eventually, we plucked up our courage and asked him and his partner whether they'd consider embarking on parenthood with us - not as a joke, but for real.
Pride and Joy: A Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Parents Sarah Hagger-Holt and Rachel Hagger-Holt (Pinter & Martin
In the last few years, the UK has seen a huge increase in those applying to become adoptive parents. This has led to a misconception that there is no longer a need for adopters to come forward. Sadly, this is wrong.
Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Those with two Mums or two Dads are increasingly familiar. We have met with nothing but kindness, tolerance, support and, sometimes, admiration. The number of children needing new, loving, strong, stable 'Forever Families' grows daily.
A Christian magistrate who has been sacked after opposing adoption by gay parents during a BBC interview has labelled the
A Christian magistrate from Kent was struck from the bench on Thursday after appearing on national TV last year to voice
What strikes me about these two men is that between them they run a tight ship, there are no blurred boundaries and they have huge hearts. Love isn't a soft emotion, compassion and love are strong courageous and determined.
I am a big fan of Tim Farron. I have been since long before he became party president, let alone party leader. I hope he heeds the wisdom of his one-time rival and gives us the answer we really need to hear.
Gay marriage supporters are "equality Nazis" who helped push through something that only matters to "some queen who wants
Two Slovakian parents have failed in their bid to block the adoption of two of their sons by a same sex couple in Kent. The
In an ideal world, nobody would need to be adopted, but this is not an ideal world. Adoption parties cannot prevent a child being taken into care, but they can help take them out of care. They give 'hard-to-place' children a greater chance of placement. They tackle some endemic problems in the adoption process.
Parents tend to want the same things for their kids - to grow up healthy and happy. Simple. But what do children want from their parents? For thousands of children in the UK who need to be adopted or fostered every year, all they is want parents who will love and care for them.
What if Valentine's Day, or relationships in general, were a stark reminder of the most painful and distressing events that you ever experienced? What if they triggered a trauma so terrifically challenging that it forever altered your approach to life? Welcome to Valentine's Day, and relationships, for adoptees.
Anyone who grasps the issues knows that the adopters are not (normally) the cause of the child's trauma. The most devastating trauma stems from the splitting of parent and child. Adoptees are afflicted by separation trauma. There is no such thing as 'given-to-gays' trauma.
A gay couple have said they were forced to travel to England to adopt following confusion over the law in Northern Ireland
Abuse and neglect have obvious emotional, physical and psychological costs. The monetary impact is more challenging to analyse and anyone who does so risks vitriolic accusations of being as cold, insentient and azoic as the calculator used to make their estimates.
We chatted about the current climate of LGBT rights, how Fine managed to avoid Hollywood clichés, and finally, what its really like working with "whip-smart" actor Alan Cumming:
While the pope judges legislation to give gay people rights as the work of the evil one, I will not be joining the chorus singing his praises. Never judge Pope Francis by the headlines - the devil is in the detail...
There is a scene in the movie Behind the Candelabra where Liberace (played by Michael Douglas) takes his young lover Scott
I don't know why I don't want to get married; I just don't. Whether it's because a failed marriage sounds much more scarring than a broken relationship, or I'd die at having to bring lots of people together to homage to me, I'm not sure, but the concept has never appealed.