Gay and Lesbian

SA's law is generally on the side of LGBTIQ+ people, but it isn't always enforced and many people still aren't safe, says activist.
As this year's pride season comes to a close it is hard not to have noticed the sheer volume of corporate activity that has been directed at LGBT communities all over the world by brands looking to ingratiate themselves with LGBT consumers.
If you think that you have a tough time meeting women, just imagine what your life would be like if you had the added challenge of a disability. Some of us already have that extra obstacle to overcome. Contemplate this for a moment, how many lesbians with a disability do you actually know?
As the divorce between “pregnant man” Thomas Beattie and his estranged wife Nancy Roberts heats up, footage has emerged apparently
They split after nine years of marriage and the divorce between Thomas Beatie, the transgender father dubbed “the pregnant
Thomas Beatie, the trangender father dubbed " the pregnant man" has split from his wife of nine years. Beatie announced he
Thomas Beatie, the transgender father dubbed 'the pregnant man' is considering having a hysterectomy after the birth of his