gay issues

LGBTQ+ rights and laws have never been better. Diversity and freedom too, it truly is a great time to be gay and who you are, but is it? How are things looking within the LGBTQ+ world?
A gay museum for London with a dedicated exhibition of cultural homophobia would help to fill the gaps. Unlike recent curations, this would track expressions of homophobia in the mass media - the media that are most relevant to ordinary LGBT people's daily lives.
Coming out is such an important time in a gay man's life, you're impressionable, you crave validation and you're exploring what the gay world has to offer. Downloading an app is far easier than going out and standing at the bar, trying to not look awkward, or alone. But the reality is, these apps make users feel dehumanised, isolated and miserable.
Messing up isn't the end of the world. We get it. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything and sometimes you'll screw up. Sometimes you'll use the wrong pronoun or you'll use a term that's out of date. Apologize, remind yourself to do better, and move on. Don't make a fuss and beg forgiveness's not about you.
Yesterday we landed in India for a human rights project Shape History that is tackling with the United Nations in China, India
We need to continue to strive for full equality, not just within the guidelines of the law, but in everyday life. We shouldn't stop until the whole wedding experience is built to celebrate diversity, so that everyone has a truly wonderful and memorable day.
I'm writing to encourage gay men, angry at not being able to do blood, that there is something similarly altruistic and life-saving that you can do in the meantime. Anthony Nolan particularly needs men between the age of 16 and 30 to sign up. Young men make up just 16% of the Anthony Nolan register, but provide over 50% of all donations. Your sexuality does not matter.
The policy is named in honour of World War II codebreaker Alan Turing.
For many young people, self-identifying themselves in an unfriendly atmosphere swirls them into a state of disarray. Places for them to go, meet similar people and to feel comfortable are still massively important. In schools and universities, LGBT clubs and societies exist as a good network. If you are gay and don't enjoy going to gay clubs, it can be really hard to meet other gay people...
I'm still unsure what point the author was hoping to make, other than 'gay men exist, even at the Olympics, and they want to have sex'. And while nothing explicitly homophobic was said outright, it's what was implied that cuts particularly deep for me.