One third of those surveyed were 'not definite about their HIV status'.
We cannot really make sense of it all just yet. But we can be sad, we can be angry, and we can decide to continue the work that we started. This is a crime that stemmed from hatred, a hatred deeply-entrenched within the killer, as something that had been learned early on in life.
Although some countries have legislated against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in goods and services, this isn't universal across member's states. That's why it is important for UK influence to remain at the heart of the single market, to facilitate further anti-discrimination measures. It makes no sense for LGBT people to have protection at home, but subject to discrimination elsewhere in the single market. Retreating with a Brexit vote isn't going to change that unsatisfactory position.
If this horrendous tragedy has taught us anything, it's that there are real people who will show up to our front door uninvited, and will gun us down because they're p*ssed off at us having a snog on the dance floor. We need to support each other, because when all's said and done, we truly are all in this together. We each need to stand up and be counted, put our fist in the air and prove we're not going anywhere. We need to channel the bravery, strength and courage of those who came before us, and use it to remain defiant, even when that feels like the scariest and most difficult thing in the world.
'My parents are prime examples of people that can change their opinion.'