Russian secret agents have infiltrated Greenpeace and other campaign groups to co-ordinate the war against fracking, it has
Is this really what football has been reduced to? A means of peddling crap we don't need, laundering the reputations of morally questionable companies and encouraging us to gamble away what little money we have left at the end of it all?
European leaders have voiced their fury at Russian president Vladimir Putin, after he threatened "extreme measures" against
I am also increasing concerned by the trappings of modern football, by rising ticket prices and players who earn dizzying multiples of real people's salaries. It is an unease with a sport that is become increasingly corporate and globalised...
Britain is set to start buying gas directly from Russia this year despite EU politicians threatening to bring in further
It's a lazy comparison to make, but the parallels between Putin's moves in the Crimea and Hitler's invasion of the Sudetenland in 1938 are far too tempting for those of us with a little knowledge of modern history to ignore. Even more so now that Putin himself is making frequent mentions of neo-Nazism as being one of his primary concerns in Ukraine.
Real Madrid's press conference before Tuesday's Champions League group match at Copenhagen was disrupted by Greenpeace's
British Greenpeace activist Alex Harris has described the "moment of panic" of her and her fellow campaigners, upon realising
Basel and Schalke's Champions League group stage clash was halted by Greenpeace activists. The militants abseiled down from
In my mind there can no longer be any doubt that we're experiencing a climate emergency of the highest order, and our government's focus should based on these latest findings and make this climate emergency their number one concern.