GB News

He has accused the ill-fated broadcaster of becoming an "absurd parody of what it proclaimed to be".
After yet another week of bad press for the struggling station, Farage has revealed he's joining the GB News team.
In the last week, certain GB News shows apparently pulled in zero viewers, with reports claiming senior figures are leaving the station.
The presenter revealed that he broke his hip after being knocked over by a horse.
Simon McCoy and Gloria De Piero are among the GB News hosts whose shows apparently pulled in no viewers at all this week.
The TV watchdog received 390 complaints after comments made by host Dan Wootton.
Ratings have dropped considerably since the divisive station debuted earlier this month.
He also took the opportunity to defend the station's "rocky start".
"If you don’t like those ideas, switch over – don’t silence," the culture secretary said.
It's certainly been a memorable start for the UK's newest channel.