Hank Russell filmed himself calling the bird out as it blocked his path.
Shocking footage has been released of a fox hunting steward apparently simulating a sex act with a dead goose. The video
While we were eating our first meal in the tent, I suddenly realised there was a smell of poo nearby. When I asked why, our eldest daughter rather worryingly informed us that she needed the toilet.
A dying breed of self-proclaimed 'foodie' still shamelessly defends its obsession with this torture in a tin, no matter how many videos surface showing ducks and geese in abject misery. But the future for foie gras producers and aficionados is bleak. Even the French, a nation once synonymous with the cruel foodstuff, are turning their backs on foie gras.
No, really. Just when you think you've seen them all - more appear. Yes, there are more geese here than you can shake a stick
In which Hugo, the 14-month-old Great Dane, meets Darcy, the four-day-old gosling - and gets thoroughly confused. Hugo doesn't
Force-feeding causes the birds' livers to balloon to up to 10 times their normal size and become diseased with what is known as hepatic steatosis. In addition to being miserably ill with a painful and debilitating disease, the geese can barely breathe because their grotesquely enlarged livers displace their lungs and other internal organs... geese can be seen panting constantly in a vain attempt to suck oxygen into their squashed lungs. Veterinarian Holly Cheever has compared what force-fed birds endure in their final days to being smothered.
The next time you see a video of a person being scared by a goose, don't feel smug or brave and tell yourself that you wouldn't
Police were forced to intervene after a gaggle of socially unaware geese caused a traffic jam on a busy London street on
Ever wandered through the park and wondered how you could get a bunch of geese to stop making that rather unsettling honking