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Get ready to feel empowered with a host of inspiring interviews as the podcast returns for its second series, with exclusive chats with actress and presenter Emily Atack and  double-Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams.
The in-demand DJ discusses how to manage a busy life
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Sarah Willingham on how to free up more time for what’s important in your life.
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I absolutely love women and I feel lucky to have come across, as far as I'm concerned, some of the best... I also have a core group of five girls who I absolutely wouldn't be able to live or breath without. And I especially wouldn't have been able to get through certain times of my life without.
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And so to last night's - the Oscars of the audio broadcasting world - where it seems 2013 marked something of a victory for the industry. Could it be that radio is finally acknowledging the power of woman?
If you look closely on some news channels, like Sky News and Channel 4 News, you'll see the public are starting to contribute using their G+ profiles to join the news team's Hangout. They film themselves on their webcams and talk into the microphones on their laptops, whilst being streamed into a live TV programme.
Yesterday was Rumble in the Jumble Part 2. A jumble sale I helped organise. It was quite different to your ordinary jumble sale, it was a fundraising event.
Oh my giddy aunt. Perhaps quite literally in fact, because it is the time for celebrated giddiness. It's getting closer and closer and closer. Mind scramble? Good intentions and a hell of a lot of love to give, right? But what about the actual presents?
Politicians always assume that young people don't have a valid opinion. That they're not interested in decision-making, or politics, or the way the country is run. Well they are. And I am. And I see how much young people care every day of my life. There's a revolution happening at the moment - a movement of young people learning the power of free speech, and the importance of getting their voices heard on the issues that matter to them the most.
I heard on the radio yesterday a young policeman describing some rioters who had attached Stanley knives to sticks to use as weapons. This is gutting and the new statistics are stomach-churning. One of the things that I remember most from those evenings last year is the fear. That crippling feeling of the unknown. How close to our homes were they going to get? Why?