gender based violence

One made a citizen’s arrest and another punched her attacker
If not all men are trash, why are the good guys so silent on violence against women? Here is why this issue needs you guys at the forefront.
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As an alcohol brand, we acknowledge the role alcohol plays in Gender-based Violence and are making strides towards an abuse-free society.
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During these 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence we examine at the role alcohol plays in instances of violence against women.
In Partnership With Johnnie Walker
MTV Africa's 'The People Vs Patriarchy' documentary exposes the depth of male entitlement and the extent of the problem.
Weinstein used his position and power to inappropriately proposition young women who were hoping to break into the world of show business
If one girl is a revolution, what happens when the rest of Africa stands behind her?
Trans-exclusion in feminist work and research is as vile as transphobia.
Ending the canker that is gender-based violence will require effort, commitment and endurance from the government, business and civil society.
One of the most common myths I have to address time and again about domestic violence is the idea that it is rare. Even though