gender quality

Eileen Carey, a female CEO of a successful Silicon Valley tech company, recently revealed that the secret to her business
My ideal is an environment of social equality, where men and women are raised without different assigned roles or expectations. The world is moving on from this, and we must catch up with it. I hope one day to raise children, and if my son wanted to be a ballet dancer and my daughter a CFO, they have the social equality to pursue these dreams without bias- and without a mention of 'pink' and 'blue' jobs.
Women across the world are still being denied careers and education, sometimes in the name of religion, but always because of prejudice. So we need action now, not just more attention, as we mark International Women's Day on March 7. There is still a mountain to climb.
My current favourite is Chanel Oberlin, the seething, sparkling Sorority girl played by Emma Roberts in Scream Queens, a new series that's accurately been branded a 'Mean Girls meets Halloween' hybrid