From Gene's backstory to which couple has split up since filming.
When cancer research hits the headlines it's usually to announce the latest big breakthrough. With cancer affecting so many of us, the media know we are desperate for any new information that genuinely offers hope.
A stroke gene has been identified that could help scientists save lives and prevent disability. People with a mutant form
Merchant's first sitcom venture sans Gervais will be intriguing for a number of reasons; the most prevalent of which is that it will allow us to explore the notion that's long been mooted that Merchant is perhaps the more talented of the Gervais/Merchant pairing, with many citing Ricky's solo efforts as evidence to support this (Derek often being used as a stick to beat him with).
Eight new genetic links to osteoarthritis have been uncovered that could help scientists develop better treatments for the
A report from an influential think tank could help clear the way to IVF babies being born with DNA from three different people
A new discovery may offer a glimmer of hope to patients with one of the deadliest cancers, research has shown. Scientists
Researchers say there's a genetic explanation why some people love Brussels sprouts -- while others would rather eat a rubber