general election 2015

Thatcher's legacy is potent and ironically it has the potential to win the Conservatives the next election. At this point Labour has very nearly left it too late to convince the public of a clear direction. The Conservatives can retro-fit her legacy to give their current policies some meaning and identity.
The Tories may not win the next general election, party chairman Grant Shapps has publicly conceded. Shapps said the Conservatives
Theresa May has promised that a Conservative government would scrap the Human Rights Act and could go further by pulling
Just 7% of Tory activists believe David Cameron will secure victory in 2015 in a new poll likely to fuel unease among already
Labour candidate John O'Farrell has said he will not stand in the 2015 General Election, in part because of the vilification
The result entirely changes the public perception of Ukip. You have to be bold and you have to be brave to fight from the sidelines and come out swinging. The media, hugely loyal to their party of choice, will seek to destroy you. All the other parties will not hesitate to club together to attack. The underdog became a threat to them all.
In the hot summer of 2009, over lunch in St James’s Park, the then director of communications for the Conservative Party
Nick Clegg took his revenge on David Cameron today by successfully killing Tory hopes of redrawing the electoral map in a
Nick Clegg has predicted 2015 will see the “first full blown scarcity election” as he set out how the Lib Dems would seek
The Lib Dems have offered an olive branch to the Progress wing of the Labour party by inviting them to their party conference