general election 2015

Let's not be eaten up by cynicism. We need to insist that the people who represent our voice in Parliament are people who are more like us. Choose people that believe what you believe, for they will carry you with them to the place where the big decisions are made.
If May is to win back Labour seats, which has clearly been her intention from day one of the campaign trail, she needs to be challenged by a strong Opposition, which, under Corbyn's narrative, she has yet to face.
The General Election is looming and never have I seen such dark clouds on the horizon, and never have I seen the Labour Party, the main party of opposition, in such disarray. I blame Labour MPs, for all the in-fighting, and for failing to take a broader view.
This may be a snap election, but it is already dragging on - and we still have four weeks to go. Politicians may be all smiles on the outside but privately they are counting down the days for when it's all over and they can return to their cosy Westminster world once again.
Everything you need to know before the General Election.
Labour will abolish tuition fees if it is elected on June 8, a leaked draft of the party’s manifesto has revealed.  The news
Jeremy Corbyn has to go. He is demonstrably unfit to be leader of the Opposition or to be Prime Minister. He lacks the personal skills needed, the temperament, or the ability to balance an argument between competing perspectives. He is also hold Labour back from being a credible party of government. Indeed, it is unclear if Labour is even a credible party of opposition.
Whether you vote or not, whether you've ever voted or not, one thing is for sure, like me, you're on a political journey. None of us arrives fully formed. We have to find our way through these moments. We don't exist separate to the state and capitalism. There is no pure anarchist approach to this crap. We represent ourselves in whatever way we feel fit and that is enough.
Politicians need to do more to bring young people into the political mainstream so they can have a say in key issues that affect them, or risk losing them to more extreme or direct means of action. A failure to do this could result in more and more drifting to politics outside the establishment and while there's nothing wrong with that per se, large-scale opting out of mainstream politics by a whole section of society is not a sign of a healthy, representative democracy.