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Justin Welby's remarks come as the church's national assembly backed a motion to apologise for racism encountered.
Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the General Synod's decision to back legislation allowing women bishops in the Church
The Church of England has finally endorsed women bishops, after years of bitter struggle, as the General Synod gave the legislation
A minority opposed to the appointment of women bishops could being subject of "bile, vitriol and disapprobation", the Church
The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that more work needs to be done if legislation introducing women bishops is to
A bishop has said the Church of England "failed big time" over child protection as the General Synod formally apologised
The man was not said to be a protester A spokesman said two people suffered minor injuries in the scuffle - a member of Dr
Most worshippers put on their Sunday best for church, but women across the country have been asked to wear their apron to
The Church of England is reeling with "shock" and facing a "major constitutional crisis" following the failure of new legislation
Welcome to the end of the week that was. The week that America celebrated Thanksgiving, and a few people in the Church of
The Church has failed to adjust to a world which has been rapidly changing around it - and the required internal reordering and thinking required to generate a place where there would be 'magic in working' within the church's core business. The numbers of women priests have risen year on year.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, said the Church of England has a "lot of explaining" to do after rejecting
The Church of England's bishops are to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday after legislation paving the way for the first
Supporters of the failed legislation to ordain women bishops said they were "devastated" with many saying they felt they
Opponents of female ordination will no doubt see this as a victory for Christian traditionalism. That's no doubt true, but it's also a victory for bigotry, intolerance and small-mindedness, casting aside any chance of dragging the 500-year-old monolith a little closer to the modern world.
The Church of England has been plunged into turmoil after legislation introducing the first women bishops failed to clear
The next Archbishop of Canterbury has staked his authority on a yes vote by the General Synod to legislation introducing
The Church of England has voted to put a historic decision on introducing the first women bishops on hold amid continuing
One of the Church of England's most prominent female clerics has urged delays to legislation introducing women bishops after