Geoffrey Boycott

Cricketer was convicted of beating up his girlfriend but was named in ex-PM's resignation honours list.
'I will never forget that night. It was horrible. What sort of man does that and is then made a knight?'
Data shows major surge in number of victims last year, renewing calls for domestic violence bill to be passed.
"A knighthood is an insult to victims and survivors of domestic violence."
The charity described the decision to recognise the former cricketer, who was convicted of domestic violence, as "disappointing".
Cricket commentator tells Match of the Day host: 'I'd be sacked if I followed your example.'
May said that she admired Boycott because he “stuck in there and got the job done” which could be seen as a thinly veiled
As the Second Test in Perth limps towards yet another high-scoring draw, we must act with a dose of empathy and a pinch of foresight towards the game of cricket worldwide. If not, we risk losing that bastion of the English summer to the condescension of posterity.