George Best

"People still try and emulate John Peel," says David Gedge, leader of The Wedding Present and one of the last true survivors of the British music scene of the 1980s. "His work as a musicologist put everything into context."
Ángel di María will wear the mystical No.7 shirt at Manchester United. SEE MORE HERE: Ángel Di María Transfer Could Leave
If Edwin Brock had been thirty years younger than me rather than thirty years older than me, would I have advised him to earn his crust by writing advertising copy at the behest of people like me? The heck I would.
Dennis Bergkamp, Lord Sebastian Coe and Jimmy Connors are in contention for the 25th William Hill Sports Book of the Year
The Royal Mail has issued a set of stamps featuring some of Britain's greatest footballers to mark the 150th anniversary
Neil Libbert is a photojournalist whose career spans 55 years. He has taken images of some of the worlds most famous people from George Best when he was nineteen to Winston Churchill at 88 years old.
George Best, perhaps the greatest footballing talent produced by the United Kingdom, would have been 66 today. The Northern
There was a time when a dip into any Premier League line-up would produce a veritable smorgasbord of stars who you'd not only want to cheer to victory, but could imagine sharing a pint with. Whatever happened to the 'characters' of football? And can we get them back?
Football is commonly referred to as the beautiful game. Whilst to me this seems rather comical on account of the fact that my side - Glasgow Rangers - are often involved in what can only be described as scrappy, unattractive tussles.