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Those newspapers that are now revelling in the BBC's discomfort are in no position to do so and are motivated less by a commitment to rigorous and independent journalism than by the opportunity to make life difficult for their publicly-funded rival. Some of the hypocrisy is astounding.
Helen Boaden, the head of BBC News, and Stephen Mitchell, her deputy, are to step aside in the wake of the Newsnight report
What next for the great British Broadcasting Corporation? I predict that this car crash will play out, more heads will roll and the internal and external torrent of frenzied accusations will inevitably dry to a trickle. But I think it's important to remember that the BBC has produced excellent journalism, and in the scheme of things, a couple of (albeit very) bad decisions on Newsnight don't constitute the abolishment of the programme or of the BBC's entire 90-year-old reputation.
A former BBC producer arrested as part of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation has been released on bail. 73-year-old
BBC bosses are to lay out plans for dealing with some of the issues arising from the Newsnight broadcast "as a first step
Detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse have arrested a man in his 70s. Officers arrested the suspect at 7.15am
On the anniversary of Jimmy Savile's death only newly placed turf marks the spot of his grave, overlooking Scarborough Cemetery
Jimmy Savile's cottage in the Scottish Highlands has been vandalised with "abusive slogans" in the wake of allegations of
Officers investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal today arrested former pop star Gary Glitter. He was held at 7.15am at an
Dozens of big name stars from the 1960s and 70s have contacted Max Clifford "frightened to death" they will become implicated