George Groves

It was with great sadness that we learned that, after his defeat to George Grove, German based Kazakh boxer Eduard Gutknecht had been rushed to hospital. Media reports suggest that he has had surgery on a bleed on the brain and is in a critical but stable condition. Whilst we await more official news, all in boxing wish him well.
British boxing is in its golden age, a period where a host of British boxers are in the peak of their careers, many being world champions and yearning for greater things. Yet despite this excitement, we are yet to see the big British match-ups, the match-ups that we crave as boxing fans.
Carl Froch says the lethal right-hand that knocked out George Groves in the eighth round at Wembley on Saturday was the "best
Carl Froch has retained his IBF and WBA World Super Middleweight title at Wembley Stadium following a sensational knockout
George Groves has predicted he will knock Carl Froch out with a left hook at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night. The pair
Carl Froch cannot wait to get his hands on arch-rival George Groves again as the WBA and IBF super-middleweight champion
Groves will continue to dazzle in their verbal sparring and Froch will insist that he is unmoved by the words of his arch-nemesis. But until the bell rings on Saturday evening we won't know who has won the most riveting psychological war in boxing history.
Carl Froch shoved George Groves in the face during a media appearance at Wembley as the tension mounts ahead of their 31
Carl Froch and George Groves' highly anticipated rematch will be held at Wembley on 31 May. Carl Froch Controversially Defeats
Carl Froch has revealed Nottingham Forest's City Ground is the most likely venue for his eagerly anticipated rematch against