George W Bush

Following the stomach-churning scandal of David Cameron’s Downing Street dinner club, we’ve come to the sweeping and absolute
President Obama claimed that America and its allies can now leave Iraq with its head held high. But this is far from the case. How can you leave a country where you created violence and poverty with your head held high?
Earthflight - 8pm, BBC1 More stunning nature shots as the programme makers visit South America. Eagles, vultures and tiny
So that's it then. The Iraq War is at an end. The long awaited conclusion as the final US soldiers leave the country, closing the gate behind them with a kick. That's it. The end. Forget the lies. Forget the war crimes. Forget mistreating and killing defenceless prisoners. Remember the victory instead. Mr Obama needs the big-up before next year's elections. But, of course, the war isn't over any more than Vietnam came to an end for the poor American vets who count their days ekeing out an existence.
Malaysian-led activists plan to hold a symbolic trial this month against former prime minister Tony Blair and former US president
It started with a terrorist atrocity that claimed the lives of almost 3000 people from over 90 countries including 67 Britons - 9/11 as it became known as. A terrorist attack that united the world shoulder to shoulder with the United States.
It has now been 10 years since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan was launched on 6 October 2001. "Operation Enduring Freedom
Former president Jimmy Carter believes President Obama will win the 2012 election despite the woeful state of the US economy
Last month the Court of Appeal decided Segways couldn't be used on pavements. It's a pity, because they appeared to be safe and easy to ride, at least for people who are good at staying on things. Not so good, perhaps, for people with a track record of falling off.
On 24th June 2002 at the Rose Garden of the White House, President George W Bush mentioned for the first time the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . Since then this has been the consensus solution that is currently under discussion by the key parties to the conflict.