German Chancellor Angela Merkel

David Cameron has dismayed Tory backbenchers after ditching plans for a cap on the number of European migrants coming to
German chancellor Angela Merkel should use her visit to Britain to admit that the European Union was "built on German guilt
Boris Johnson has robustly defended The Guardian's "salient and interesting" revelations about the activities of global intelligence
This morning I woke up on the floor of a strange flat at seven thirty next to a member of the Moldovan national swimming
Angela Merkel is celebrating an historic victory in the German election, after winning yet another four years of being compared
Angela Merkel has admitted that Greece should never have been allowed to join the euro back in 2001, criticising her predecessor
Quietly and methodically, Germany has been recovering the bodies of hundreds of thousands of its soldiers who fell on its
German commentators have been tutting at the British government's hard line. But Germany needs to focus on its own, very serious racism problem which is being overlooked amid all the hype about its stable economy and well-organized social system.
David Cameron faces more months of tough negotiations as he tries to secure a seven-year freeze in the European Union budget
It's a phrase we never thought we'd type, but here we are, typing it: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accidentally been