Gerrie Nel

The former president's son is due in court on Thursday, July 12, but only his lawyer seems to know where he is.
As is often the case in instances like this, the devil is in the details.
NPA head says AfriForum "opportunistically ran to the media" before the NPA concluded its processes.
Afriforum wants to force the NPA to act against Malema on fraud and corruption charges.
The state says Duduzane Zuma missed his two-month deadline to make representations in the case.
AfriForum On Thursday announced it would be pursuing a private prosecution against EFF Leader Julius Malema.
"You don't scare me at all," EFF leader says after AfriForum announces it will privately prosecute him for fraud and corruption.
The group's legal team previously threatened legal action against the EFF and its leader, Malema, after he allegedly made racist remarks at a political gathering in March.
The former president's resignation should not mean he is able to evade prosecution, the organisation said.
AfriForum on Thursday announced intent to privately prosecute Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba on charges of fraud and perjury.