Gerry Conlon

What’s the point of releasing wrongly convicted prisoners? If it’s through any sense of fairness, morality and justice, don’t you think that should continue even after the cameras have stopped clicking? Author Chas Newkey-Burden writes.
Forty-five years ago, three men and one woman became mired in a notorious miscarriage of justice that continues to tarnish the name of British justice.
Hooded and shackled he was unceremoniously plucked from his home in Belfast and taken to a police station in Surrey. It was 1974 and the end of Gerry Conlon's life, as he knew it. He was 20 years old...
The IRA is not responsible for the wrongful incarceration of the Guildford Four, Birmingham Six and others who went to prison
Gerry Conlon outside the Old Bailey in 1989 after being released for being wrongly convicted of the Guilford pub bombings