getting fit

After signing my life away to a 12 month contract - yes 12 months, I need to commit long term otherwise I just won't do it. I take a look at the timetable and work out the days I can go while the little man is at nursery. I need to be organised. There is no point trying to go in the evenings, I know I just won't do it once the TV is on and the boy is in bed.
It is a great time to start thinking about your health, but I am sceptical about the benefits of New Year's resolutions. It is cold, it can be miserable and then we give up everything and feel bad when we fail. Too often we find ourselves reaching for the cookie jar as we have fallen off the wagon and feel bad about ourselves.
With no disrespect to Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Ennis, we need more 'normal' looking people in fitness to prove you really don't have to look like an Olympian to join the 'fit club'.
Boxing bootcamp can be tough at best, but add a Nike master trainer into the mix and what you have is something so mind-boggling
With the London Marathon just over a month away, both newbies and veterans are wondering how they can become better runners
We'd all love toned arms but imagine it to be an uphill battle. Yet getting rid of your 'wings and things', to quote celebrity
Firstly, you may not going to like this winter workout alternative if you struggle with technology. But - if it's a toss
Whatever your reasons are - whether you genuinely want to make a go at it, or you're using the month of self-flagellation (aka January) to atone for all that drinking and feasting - there are some helpful tips I've picked up along the way from my years of going to the gym.
People who count housework as exercise could be fooling themselves, research has suggested. Including gardening, DIY, vacuuming
Think of an exercise bootcamp and the image of a soggy, muddy, hellish workout in a park usually comes to mind. There you