Getting Things Done

Most of what I know about productivity comes from times when I've been depressed and still have work I need to get done. Those times have taught me that productivity isn't really about motivation. It's about...
I don't know about you, but I feel that when I am most content in myself, I show up as a better version of me for others too. If I'm frustrated, fed up or feeling desperate for a little space, then no matter how hard I try to be at my best, there is always a chance that the cracks will show.
Here's the thing: when we're busy we can easily trick ourselves into thinking that all of that activity means that we're not procrastinating. We're busy, sure, but we're not focused on the things that should really have our attention.
I've been sailing and loving it since I was about 10. There's magic in a sailboat. When you've left last night's port, the
As a business owner, it is particularly difficult as there is nobody to report to. There is no boss waiting. A one-week vacation can quickly morph into a period of lack of motivation and self sabotage if you are unable to reign in all the goodness of self-employment and get back to work when you need to.