giant squid

First page of the novelisation of The Goonies. On the inside leaf; a teaser bit of text from later in the novel, designed to whet your appetite. A description of an octopus attacking the kids, in a flooded cavern with a pirate ship floating sedately in the background.
Footage has emerged of a beautiful and rare giant squid floating serenely floating in a Japanese harbour. Despite it's huge
A colossal squid weighing 350kg has been retrieved from the deep freeze for scientists to scrutinise. As long as a minibus
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Arms, tentacles and entire giant-sized squid are mysteriously appearing along the coast of Japan, raising concerns among
A satirical news website has fooled the internet -- and a national newspaper -- into believing that a giant squid recently
Japanese researchers have filmed the elusive giant squid in its natural deep-sea habitat for the first time. The three-metre
The eyes of a giant squid are up to three times larger than those of any other animal – and scientists have figured out why