Yes comrades... so... Buenos Aires? F***ing great show. It always is in that place. It never disappoints. Big crowd, about 10,000!! Just like the old days (man)!!
I hadn’t thought about it until Chris mentioned it on the B-stage. He thanks the Frankfurt crowd and mentions that Germany
I don't do stand up. I write sketches, jokes and send them on their merry way to various shows but I don't get that instant feedback of the comic, putting his or her reputation, and indeed life, on the line in front of a group of expectant strangers.
What a difference a few weeks can make. We had shows in Paris and Cologne during the album launch period. We're back in those same two cities now and we've reached the light at the end of the tunnel that got us through the past six months or so of promo chaos. Yes, we're finally just doing gigs.
9am Saturday morning, we finally make it to Mexico City. The haze of the overnight flight is broken abruptly as we enter baggage claim to the sight of the growing crowd of excited fans holding signs, cameras and gifts through the frosted glass on the other side of immigration.
In the last 14 years we have traveled from Manila to Anaheim, from Santiago to Amsterdam, all the while seeing places both grand and humble along the way - in almost 40 countries, if you're counting.
People can be as snobby as they want about Gary - but there's no doubt this man can put on a show-stopping performance. Of course Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald were missed - but they're off having a well-earned holiday while Gary continues to thrive on his charity projects.
Today's show is a radio thing for KROQ, who have been behind Coldplay here in the States since the very word go. The band are playing in a tiny black box room with a crowd that Chris points out is smaller than at their first ever show