Is this the start of London's great gin revival? Last Christmas saw the opening of the City of London's first gin distillery
One thing people always seem to ask me is how long the products will last. I've been served drinks in people's homes that really should've been thrown out long ago. Similarly, I've been served whiskies in bars that have simply been open too long.
London used to be heaving with distilleries, but Jamie Baxter has opened the city of London's first one for 200 years. Here
As I've described before, alcohol is inextricably linked with our humanity. I know so many people who will ask recommendations for bars and restaurants in places they are going to visit, but I suggest a different tact; Make them the destination.
The English Whisky Company's Chapter 11 whisky Whisky distillation in Wales actually goes back to the 4th century, according
The real disappointment is that it's often just one simple step that's overlooked, and that's the ice. You might've seen many bars putting a big focus on their ice- triple frozen, pride of place illuminated blocks glistening like glass, ice blocks cut into diamonds... the bar world has gone ice mad.
To me, the real crux of the food revival hasn't been that more people own a kitchen blowtorch or a bottle of truffle oil than before, but that people are focussing on their own tastes much closely... My real hope is that with a few pointers, I can get people doing the same with their drinks
The Bramble is about as quintessential an English cocktail as you can get. Traditionally it's a blend of gin, lemon juice
I shout but no one listens I call but no one cares But rustle a bag of crisps And they'll come bombing down the stairs. I