“Is he going to a wedding or an opera?” one torn Twitter user asked in order to make a fair decision.
Trophy hunting is legal in South Africa, as well as in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but is often condemned on social media.
The world’s tallest land mammal, the giraffe, has experienced a “devastating decline” in recent years as global populations
Half an hour later, we approach the Conservancy border and there they are: a pack of 16 dogs. We watch quietly from a distance
Looking at giraffes specifically, it is estimated that they've lost around 40% of their wild populations in the last 15 years alone. That hardly sounds like they need Aryanna's, or indeed anyone's bows and rifles pointing in their direction right now.
Conservation has increased in importance over the last years. More organisations and governments are getting involved in raising awareness and supporting wildlife conservation. One of the animals which have caught their attention is the giraffe...
Hunters huh? What must have happened to them in their lives to make them want to kill a beautiful animal then photograph themselves next to him, smiling? This is the question being repeated by animal lovers across the world this week.
A female game hunter who found herself in the sights of animal-lover Ricky Gervais has accused the comedian of using his
Giraffe Hunter Accuses Ricky Gervais Of Targeting Women And Sparking Death Threats Against Her Family Game Hunter Trampled