Girl Racers

The automotive industry aside this fine Scottish company supplies leather to luxury yachts, private aircraft and to the Houses of Parliament: it really has come a long way since the days of a simple tannery.
All in all, the afternoon with the Northampton Maidens Karting Team was so exhilarating; I can't wait to join them again for another session, hopefully avoiding the donkey of the litter. At least now I can full appreciate the real notion of rubber necking.
The Monte Carlo Rally began in 1911, but during the twenties with such interest from manufacturers and keen driving enthusiasts wanting to expose the quality and durability of their cars, the rules allowed competitors to select their own departures far and wide across Europe.
When you think of car manufacturing you might imagine the industrial factory production lines, the noise, metal conveyer
A friend of mine tweeted the other day, "Who actually lives in the place where their heroes lived?" To which I replied almost instantaneously, "Me, I have and do!"