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It is great that these major fashion houses are proposing changes but more needs to be done to ensure the diversity of our society is represented so there are positive role models for young people and they see themselves represented in the images around them.
The depiction of women in some pornography plays into the hands of wider societal issues faced by girls. Although less blatantly, women are sexually objectified across the media, be it in over-sexualised adverts, in magazines, or on TV.
At 8 years old, I remember feeling frightened to change into my P.E. shorts for school sport because I didn't want people to see how thick my thighs were. Apparently I was not alone. Almost one in six girls aged 7 to 10 reported being embarrassed or ashamed of their appearances.
I am just one girl writing this, but I am one girl representing thousands, who urgently want to see the end of sexual harassment in schools.
I want all girls out there to join us, and make 2016 your year of adventure. Whether it's speaking out in class or trying an adventurous sport - big or small - it's time to ditch the fear and let nothing stand in your way!
A significant minority of young women aged 17 to 21 (13%) say that a boy/girlfriend has made them feel frightened or threatened, with one in ten staying in a relationship in which their partner has made them feel unsafe (11%).
We need a space to address sexist behaviour and the impact they have on society's treatment of women. Statutory PSHE would provide this space - helping to change attitudes and behaviours from school age.
Mental wellbeing is rarely discussed in the classroom, which I think is partly due to the fact that the issue is still seen as a taboo topic by many. However, in my opinion avoiding the topic is only increasing the lack of understanding surrounding mental wellbeing and resilience, especially between adults and young people.
We need get to past our squeamishness and talk about sex and relationships more openly in our society. If these topics are a taboo, sex education suffers and young people know less and less about the issues that directly affect them, which makes them less able to make good decisions for themselves and ultimately less safe.
87% of girls aged 11-21 believe that they are judged more on their looks than their ability. It's an unbelievable figure - but you can see why girls think this way. The belief that they don't look good enough and that they are judged most on how good they look is preventing girls from putting their hands up and saying 'I can do anything I want to do'
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Being a girl is hard. Like, really hard. It's a constant uphill struggle to perfect the balance between too much and too little; narcissistic or proud? Confident or arrogant? It's exhausting and it's unfair.
Perhaps tellingly, on the day the number of women in the cabinet dropped to a paltry three, not a single female politician
I am very proud of the decisions we have made. I hope that they can be respected, because I, and our Board of Trustees, are absolutely clear that the words of the Promise, and our commitment to one Promise for All, have not changed. To me, this is what being "true to myself" is all about: standing up for what we believe in even when it might seem hard.
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The sense of pride, belonging and self esteem I felt for the first time in my life aged seven that wet winter evening will never leave me. I was about to make my promise to you, the Girlguiding movement.
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Miss Representation asks a series of important questions: Why are we creating a world where a woman is seen as nothing more than her body? Why are we living in a world where girls are pressured into focusing on their looks and not what they've achieved?