Girls' Day School Trust

These changes look set to turn traditional teaching methods on their head, as in many ICT classrooms, there are likely to be students who know more than their teacher about the subject. The upshot of this could be a move to a more collaborative style of teaching, where rather than instructing, teachers seek to bring out creativity and invention in their students.
Schools should encourage girls to be disruptive to help them become successful later in life, it has been suggested. Dr Kevin
For me International Women's Day is an opportunity to remember some of the incredible women who have helped us win the rights we enjoy today here in the UK. Progress has been slow but this world is unrecognisable to us today, and it is hard to imagine the courage and passion of countless people that it has taken to change this status quo.
If Girls' Day School Trust CEO Helen Fraser has her way, rather than poster clipping and desk stencilling, what today's young girls will be doing during break-time will be plotting marriage strategies instead. Speaking at the annual GDST conference, Helen said women in the workplace are being stopped in their tracks by the "nappy wall" and it was important that girls were encouraged to find ambitious husbands in the same way they are encouraged to apply to good universities.